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Corporate Yoga 

Working in fast paced environments and putting in long hours can often lead to employee burnout. By incorporating yoga and mindfulness practices you can help alleviate employee stress and fatigue, which in turn will lead to employee retention and a happier and healthier work environment. I will guide your company through a yoga practice, as well as give them the tools to incorporate these practices in their everyday routine. I offer both in-person and remote sessions to help you and your employees. See below for additional information on pricing and how to contact me. 

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Reduce Stress

Improve Mental Clarity and Focus 

Helps elevate back pain

Improves circulation

Improves company culture 

Reduces employee burnout 

In Person Corporate Yoga

 Get your team together for an event, meeting, or retreat to practice yoga. Pricing starts at $200 an hour with possible additional fees due to travel and groups over 50 participants.

Companies include but are not limited to:

Educational Institutes

Athletes at all levels

Hotels and Resorts

Health Care Providers 

Banking Services 


Mental Heath Providers 

Invest in Your Team and Your Employees

Invest in the wellbeing of your employees by purchasing a company membership to the virtual studio. They will have unlimited access to all of the videos and resources that come along with the membership to help them incorporate the tools they were given into their daily lives. 

Virtual Corporate Sessions 

If your team is virtual or even hybrid a group virtual yoga session is the perfect thing for you! Pricing starts at $150 an hour with an additional charge for groups over 50 participants.

Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra is perfect to help prevent burnout and to promote restfulness. This session can be added on in addition to our yoga session or can be its own personal session. Pricing starts at $50 for a 40 minute session.


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